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Happy Corbin used Pat McAfee’s mugshot on SmackDown

You may not know this, dear reader, but Pat McAfee, beloved color commentator for WWE on Friday Night SmackDown, was arrested back in 2010 for public intoxication. His mugshot was the subject of a few jokes, what with the flowing locks he was rocking back then. It wasn’t the biggest story but it’s noteworthy any time an athlete gets arrested.

That mugshot showed up on SmackDown this week, on a sign Happy Corbin was holding up in the crowd for his segment on the show. The idea was to harass McAfee while he was trying to do his job. It worked, if the idea was to annoy the hell out of everyone, and the segment ended with Corbin jumping the rail and punting Pat in his balls.

The problem with all this is they didn’t bother to actually set any of this up. It wasn’t all that effective because, well, if you didn’t know any better than you didn’t even realize it was a mugshot on the sign. It was a low blow that far too many folks didn’t realize was exactly that.

That, obviously, kills its effectiveness.

Of course, explaining it means drawing attention to the fact that McAfee was arrested once, but considering the charge and how long it’s been since then, it’s hard to imagine anyone would mind. This felt a bit like WWE wanting to eat its cake and have it too.

In the end, it barely registered.


Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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