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WWE SummerSlam 2022 results, live streaming match coverage

The latest WWE pay-per-view (PPV), SummerSlam, will be going down tonight (Sat., July 30, 2022) from Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, starting at 8:00 pm ET, live on Peacock (in the U.S.) and WWE Network (everywhere else). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of SummerSlam below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.



Between the cities, between the thrills, there’s something inside you, it doesn’t sleep well. It won’t last forever or maybe it will. The white clothes they gave you, you wear them so well, but me? I’m just here in a crinoline to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you.

The main show kicks off with an introductory music video and a slow pan over the arena.

Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair (c) (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

Collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, Lynch shoves Belair into the ropes! Bianca shoves her into the ropes in return, go-behind into a waistlock takedown, Becky reverses with a front chancery, into the corner, sunset flip, Belair backflips away and drops her!

Off the ropes, leapfrog countered into a flapjack and an Ode to Jim Breaks armbreaker from the challenger! Dropkick in return, Glam Slam... NOPE! Action to the floor, KOD into the barricade but Lynch hangs onto the arm and pulls Bianca into the barricade before dropping a leg across her neck!

Back in the ring, cover for two, exploder suplex, Belair throwing elbows, looking for a slam but Becks reverses to an inside cradle for two! Off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl goes nowhere, into the corner, slam, only two! Trading punches, Lynch goes low, leg pick, reversed, boot caught, roll-through omoplata and into the Ode to Jim Breaks!

To the apron, Becky drops her with forearms and kicks, off the apron, caught... GLAM SLAM INTO THE APRON! Delayed vertical suplex attempt reversed, Lynch puts her through the corner and tries to use her braid but Bianca reverses and pulls her into the post! Delayed vertical connects on the floor!

Back inside, shoulder block into the corner, whip reversed, backflip up and over, back elbow, Becky off the top, crossbody, Bianca rolls through and deadlifts her up but Lynch slips out! Diamond Dust out of the corner... STILL NO! Belair catches her with an elbow, blocks a Frankensteiner, she has to readjust... GALLON THROW!

A little back and forth, Becky has Dis-Arm-Her in! Bianca slides to the floor and hosses her into the backbreaker rack... KOD ON THE FLOOR! Referee Danilo Anfibio counting, Belair tries but gives up and rolls in... LYNCH BARELY ROLLS IN BEFORE TEN! Backbreaker rack, KOD countered by landing on her feet, Becks charges in and eats a spinebuster!

Bianca up top, Lynch cuts her off! Jockeying for position, Becky pulls her down by her braid, Manhandle Slam... BIANCA BELAIR WON’T LOSE LIKE THAT! Clubbing blows from the challenger, Dis-Arm-Her reversed into a schoolboy for two! O’Connor roll comes up empty, back up top and jockeyign for position... AVALANCHE SPANISH FLY FROM BELAIR!

Argentine backbreaker rack...

Bianca Belair wins by pinfall with KOD to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Post-match, champion and challenger embrace.



Bayley tells Bianca not to worry, they just want to talk.


They hit the ring and Becky comes back to stand with Bianca against them! They beckon Bayley and her goons in but she’s not having it and the three of them back off!

Logan Paul vs. the Miz

Collar and elbow, into the ropes, Miz taunting him, Paul fires up and does a little bit of wrestling and boots him in the face! Action to the floor, Logan with an Asai Moonsault but the A-Lister recovers and takes him back inside for chops in the corner! Paul fires back with chops of his own, up top but Miz hangs him up and hits a Codebreaker!

Boots up, Logan hits a blockbuster, big lariat, back elbow, big powerslam... NOPE! Chest kicks follow, Miz ducks a boot, Paul targets the knee, spinning toehold into the figure four leglock! That doesn’t put him down, diving crossbody into a standing moonsault... MIZ KICKS OUT!

Tommaso Ciampa gets ejected but refuses to leave! Enter AJ Styles to even the odds! He blasts Ciampa and brawls him into the crowd! Logan takes a cue, Phenomenal Forearm... NOT ENOUGH! To the floor, Paul clears the announce desk, sets Miz on top of it, he goes up top, jawing at Maryse... FROG SPLASH TO THE FLOOR AND THROUGH THE TABLE!

Back inside for a cover, Maryse keeping the referee distracted while Logan gets about a ten count out of her! Miz has an item loading his fist, Paul sidesteps and turns him around, full nelson...

Logan Paul wins by pinfall with Skull-Crushing Finale.

Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley (c) (WWE United States Championship)

Theory attacks Lashley with the briefcase before the bell and referee Rod Zapata admonishes him! He checks on Bob, he wants to fight and off we go!

Austin ducks a lariat, clubbing blows, tossing suplex, only two! Mounted punches raining down, Bob goes for a delayed vertical, Theory slips out but runs into a back elbow! Lariat, thrust spinebuster, Lashley puts him in his place! Austin decides discretion is the better part of valor and grabs his briefcase to walk out but Bob cuts him off!

Throwing the briefcase, Lashley swats it away and throws Austin into the barricade a few times! Back inside, Austin with a rolling thunder dropkick, cover for two! Slugging it out, Bob hits a running powerslam! Theory sidesteps a charge and Lashley goes hard into the post!

Austin slingshots, rolling thunder, cut off, military press into the Hurt Lock, it’s over!

Bobby Lashley wins by submission with the Hurt Lock to retain the WWE United States Championship.

A hype reel for WrestleMania in Los Angeles next year follows.

Judgment Day (Damian Priest & Finn Balor) vs. the Mysterios (Dominik & Rey Mysterio) (No Disqualification Match)

All four brawling, Judgment Day in control and taunting, babyfaces dump them to the floor, Dominik with a tope through his dad’s legs and Rey hits an Asai Moonsault after! Back inside, diving crossbody for two, father and son working Balor over. Judgment Day turn things around and take Dom into the corner to work him over.

Tags made, quebrada, Rey moving a little faster than Priest, diving seated senton, basement dropkick, clear the apron, boots up, wheelbarrow bulldog! Mysterio gets a chair and wallops Damian with it before diving on Finn! Judgment Day recover, Rhea Ripley puts Dominik into the apron face-first and Priest hits South of Heaven!

Damian demands a chair but the lights go down and fire starts burning in the arena!

EDGE IS BACK! He runs down, boot for Rhea, spears for Balor and Priest! Drop toehold sets Finn up, Rey and Dominik are ready... STEREO 619s! Slingshot splash...

The Mysterios win by pinfall with a slingshot splash from Rey Mysterio on Finn Balor.

We get a Kevin Owens hype reel.

Happy Corbin vs. Pat McAfee

Squaring up, Corbin shoves him, McAfee lands a superkick and follows it up with right hands! Knocking Happy to the floor, following out after him, ramming him into the apron, passing him into the post! Corbin turns the tide, a little violence on the floor, back inside, Deep Six... NOT ENOUGH!

Happy jaws at referee Charles Robinson, Pat takes him to the floor and they brawl! Hip toss puts McAfee into the announce table, Corbin smashes him into the table cover a few times, Michael Cole chastises him and Happy shoves him back into his chair! Corbin up top, Pat cuts him off with a superplex!

Both men down, McAfee barely gets one arm up for a cover... NOPE! Trading punches, Happy charges but Pat sidesteps and he eats the post! A dive, back inside, looking for End of Days, Corbin knocks Robinson down, and McAfee kicks him in the gentleman’s area! Crotch chop, up top, Charles wakes up...

Pat McAfee wins by pinfall with a diving Yoshi Tonic.

We get a recap of Drew McIntyre becoming #1 contender to the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship last night.

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He stops in the aisle and talks about how he loves Nashville and talks about becoming #1 contender and how he doesn’t care who wins tonight, because at Clash at the Castle he’s gonna beat that ass and take the titles. He raises his sword and pyro goes off.

Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) (WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship)

Jimmy and Dawkins to start, Uso punching him in the corner, referee Jeff Jarrett with a five count and he pulls him out of the corner! Angelo turns around and lays punches in himself, Jeff pulls him out and warns him as well! Usos with a double team, cover for two!

Jey backing Dawkins into the corner, working him over, quick tags, Usos get warned a few more times but nothing comes of it, Ode to Rikishi! Ford gets the tag and comes in hot, standing moonsault for two, standing blockbuster... STILL NO! Up and over blocked, Jey with a cover, back and forth, Ford with a low bridge!

Tag to Dawkins, Drill Bit... SO CLOSE! Electric chair, Jimmy slides out, superkick and a tag to Jey! Superkick party connects, off the top with the diving splash... ONLY TWO! Stereo splashes... STILL NOT ENOUGH! Another superkick, it goes awry, Jeff blocks it, Montez off the top, slow to cover... NOPE!

Action to the floor, Usos with stereo superkicks, back inside, more superkicks, 1D...

The Usos win by pinfall with 1D on Montez Ford to retain the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

We get a Charlotte Flair video package.

Kid Rock, Vince McMahon’s favorite music star, is in the front row, making out with some lady for some reason.

Matt Riddle slides in the ring and gets on the mic.

He says he’s not cleared to compete but his pal Randy told him not to take crap from anybody, and that includes Seth Rollins, so he wants him to come down here now!

Seth runs down in a horrible orange outfit and Riddle lights him up with punches on the ramp as referees and road agents try to break them up! In the ring, throwing kicks, Rollins with a right hand... BLACKOUT!

Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Rousey with a hip toss, Morgan is a little shocked but game. Ronda with punches, Liv shoves her off, up and over, big rising knee from Rousey and she goes for an ankle lock but fails, cover for two! Roll-through, fireman’s carry, Morgan with elbows to block, Codebreaker connects!

Oblivion blocked, STO connects, looking for the armbar, Liv blocks, Ronda rolls over and grabs the other arm! Morgan reverses, crucifix driver... SO CLOSE! Rousey on the apron, armbar, referee Dan Engler counts five and she breaks! Ronda keeps working her arm over, Dan tells Liv that he’s worried about her arm but she won’t let him call the bell!

Rolling through, back to the armbar but Liv posts up and gets a pin...

Liv Morgan wins by pinfall with a folding press to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Post-match commentary points out that Liv tapped right before Engler counted three, while Ronda complains at him for calling the pin. We get footage of both angles showing both things to be true, and Rousey puts Morgan in an armbar until Engler pulls her off! She judo throws Dan Engler and puts the armbar on him!

Road agents Shawn Daivari and former ROH World Champion Jamie Noble run in to save Engler!

Mayor Kane is in the ring and gets on the mic.

He says he’s honored to announce tonight’s attendance at 48,449, and he thanks Nashville before setting the turnbuckle pyro off.

We get video packages for 37 live event ticket sales ( a row?!) and WrestleMania tickets.

Roman Reigns gets on the mic after his entrance to ask Nashville to acknowledge him.

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (c) (WWE Undisputed Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match)

Lesnar drove a front loader to the ring and raised the bucket high and starts the match by diving off it after the bell! To the floor, trading shots, Brock with a belly-to-belly suplex off the steel steps and our first count of the match ensues but Reigns gets up! Clothesline into the barricade, out into the crowd, brawling continues.

Up on a stage, fireman’s carry, Roman, slips out and throws Lesnar into some scaffolding! Brock picks him up and rams him into the scaffold himself! Taking Reigns back to ringside, Lesnar hops up on the barricade and slips off! Quickly course-correcting, German suplex!

Paul Heyman tries to sacrifice himself to save Reigns but Lesnar won’t take the bait! Roman Samoan drops Brock through a table and gets his first nearfall of the match! A Rock Bottom puts him through another table and Lesnar beats another count from referee Chad Patton!

Back in the ring, Roman with a spear and still no finish! Brock dumps him out of the ring and into the ruins of the tables, Lesnar spinebusters him into a table and gets back in the front loader and lowers the bucket. Smashing Reigns with steel steps, smashing him with a shard of table but Roman beats the count!

Brock picks him up and throws him in the bucket, he raises it up again and drives the front loader up closer to the ring, lowering the bucket and dropping Reigns into the ring! Back inside with him, German suplexes, another nearfall! Roman grabs the guillotine choke, Brock reverses to one of his own!

Patton counting again, and Reigns beats it! Again Lesnar goes out to the front loader, backing it up and lowering the bucket... HE DRIVES THE FRONT LOADER INTO THE RING AND LIFTS THE RING UP, TIPPING ROMAN OUT OF THE RING! REIGNS BEATS THE COUNT! The Usos run in but Lesnar suplexes them!

Paul Heyman reads Lesnar the riot act and tries to give him the title belts if he leaves Roman alone, but Brock scoops him up and F-5s him into the announce desk! REIGNS WITH A SPEAR! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! HERE COMES AUSTIN THEORY WITH THE BRIEFCASE!

Brock cuts him off before he can try and cash in, the Usos nail Lesnar with superkicks! Referee Chad Patton counting and Brock beats the count! ANOTHER SPEAR! AGAIN LESNAR BEATS THE COUNT! Reigns grabs the briefcase and smacks Theory for good measure before taking it over to Brock and wailing on him with it!

LESNAR GETS UP AGAIN! Roman tries a belt shot to the dome this time! AGAIN BROCK GETS UP! Another shot, this time with the other belt! He and the Usos stack debris on the Beast to keep him down, upending what’s left of the announce table on him! Roman stands on the pile and Patton calls it...

Roman Reigns wins by referee stoppage to retain the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

The Bloodline stands tall while a purple-faced Brock Lesnar slowly recovers.

Roman sets some pyro off by holding the titles high.

That’s the show, folks.

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