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Lacey Evans wants another WWE Evolution event

It’s almost hard to believe but it’s been almost four full years since WWE held its Evolution pay-per-view, a show that featured eight matches dedicated solely to the women on the roster. It was a fun card featuring a ton of top talent.

The company hasn’t gone back to it, despite many pushing hard for as much. The latest to do so is Lacey Evans, who told NBC Sports Boston she thinks it’s necessary (transcription via SEScoops):

“I think it’s always necessary. Why, why not? What would be the hurt of it? I don’t think there’d be any hurt of it. I think that all the moms out there now, that are especially like wrestling, I mean you’ve got Ronda Rousey. You’ve got Becky Lynch. You got The Bellas, you got Lacey Evans. You got Bianca Belair, you got Tamina.

“You’ve got all these badass women that are now-

“How about let’s do another one and have all our babies ringside watching their mommas? And then behind that, have all the girls in the world that want to be a sports entertainer behind the babies. And then behind them, you know what I’m saying?

“Like you have all the moms that dream of not becoming pro wrestlers, but just having freaking careers and having to juggle what we juggle. The fact that we get to show the world what mommies are capable of, that we can still chase our dreams and these careers and be badass wives and moms and work hard is cool. So, I’m down for any time we can highlight the strengths of a woman, let’s do it. Especially with having two girls myself.”

There have long been calls for WWE to follow up on the show but the company has been resistant to doing so. Mickie James once said in an interview that she was told by someone within the company that “women’s wrestling doesn’t really make money” and that Evolution was “the lowest rated PPV ever in the history of WWE PPVs.”

It seems unlikely, then, that we’ll get an Evolution 2 but, as they say, you never say never in this business.

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