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Riddle match reportedly off SummerSlam due to ‘creative adjustments’, Rollins comments (UPDATED)

Seth Rollins’ Instagram

There were two common reactions to WWE’s announcement earlier today (July 27) that Riddle was injured and his match with Seth Rollins was off the card for SummerSlam this Saturday.

One, the “brachial plexus” injury sounded like one of the company’s kayfabe descriptions. You know, the kind that get you sent to the “local medical facility”. Two, the timing was odd — especially with any hint of a new match for Rollins.

According to Fightful Select, Riddle isn’t actually hurt, and the injury is just an angle. So that addresses one of those reactions. As for the other? Still just weird.

The Fightful report says a Riddle/Rollins match will still happen, with it tentatively in the line-up for Sept. 3’s Clash at the Castle in Wales. As for why it’s not happening in Nashville this weekend? The site’s sources say it was a case of “creative adjustments.”

Seth is still scheduled to be in Music City this week to promote SummerSlam. And he tweeted about the change in what is either a case of breaking character, the start of a face turn, or both:

This is, of course, happening in the wake of Triple H taking over WWE creative on Monday following Vince McMahon’s resignation. We’d heard changes would be gradual, and only happen if they make sense... but maybe Hunter has big plans for his former Authority protege? Fans are already fantasy booking Seth into the Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns’ main event. Or maybe Trips has some kind of worked shoot or ‘reality’ angle in mind for Rollins as a disgruntled member of the roster?

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Trips has responded. Somebody hang the “Men Working” sign!

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