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Report: WWE creative ‘filtered’ Vince McMahon for insensitive language, socially unacceptable terms

It’s beginning to sink in that, while he may still be majority shareholder, Vince McMahon’s days of running WWE’s day-to-day are over following his resignation amidst investigations he used NDAs & hush money to avoid scandals related to his sexual behavior.

Our latest sign? Sources within the creative teams McMahon’s run for decades are speaking to the media about what it was like to work under the 76 year old.

Fightful Select posted a report detailing what they’ve heard recently about working for Vince. Most of these things have been whispered about or assumed for years, but confirmation of them at this moment in history is telling.

For “a long time”, it’s said, assistants on the creative team had to “filter” the now-former CEO & Chairman because he would use insensitive language, call people by incorrect names, and use socially unacceptable terms. Minutes of meetings with Vince were “heavily edited” for this reason.

McMahon’s recall of past storylines and kayfabe details allegedly wasn’t great. Asked what they expected to change now that Triple H is running creative, one person told Fightful they expect to get away from repeating things on WWE programming: “There were so many things that Vince insisted on doing that I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember doing over and over again, even when people would tell him.”

The report also confirms tales — like this one from Renee Paquette — about how Vince aggressively micro-managed announcers:

“If a live feed of Vince McMahon on a headset any given night ever made it out, that it would provide a picture of that production experience, especially for the announcers. There were plenty of times he was in a good mood, but he would blow up at the most ridiculous things and act like they ruined an angle far past its expiration date anyway.”

Again, not new. But as the knives come out, expect to hear some wild stories in the coming months.

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