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Buddy Matthews perfect reaction to his real-life girlfriend & kayfabe ex beefing on Raw

The AEW wrestler played along with Rhea Ripley’s reference to the famous Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero feud, too!

Rhea Ripley returned from injury on the July 25 episode of Raw. Because Ripley is part of The Judgment Day*, and Judgment Day is feuding with Rey & Dominik Mysterio, and last night WWE was celebrating Rey Mysterio’s 20th anniversary with the company, we saw Rhea come face-to-face with Rey’s daughter Aalyah.

This moment caught the attention of fans online because Aalyah and The Nightmare have something in common... kinda, in the weird way real and fictional worlds collide in something like pro wrestling. AEW’s Buddy Matthews (real name Matthew Adams) is currently in a relationship with Demi Bennett, aka Rhea Ripley. He used to be in a storyline relationship with Aalyah Mysterio.

The jokes write themselves.

The best one may have been made by Matthews, though. He follows his girlfriend’s lead — that “I’m Your Papi” shirt Ripley wore to Rey’s party — in referencing the famous/infamous feud where the elder Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero both claimed to be Dominik’s father, which involved a ladder match for custody of young Dom.

That’s a good tweet.

Rhea/Demi is playing along. Or maybe she’s just not taking any chances she could lose her man like Eddie lost his “son”?

Book it, Haitch!

* Is Rhea the leader of Judgment Day? Cause it kind of seemed like Rhea was the leader of Judgment Day. While we’re making requests of the new head of creative... make Rhea the leader of Judgment Day, Hunter!

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