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‘Your daddy’s not here anymore’

The first episode of Monday Night Raw with Vince McMahon well and truly gone and Triple H heading up Creative was always going to lead to an increase in interest if only to see just how much would change. And, because we’re so eagerly anticipating said change, our eyes are peeled for anything we might be able to point to that even could be a result of the aforementioned company changes.

Changes are coming, no question, but those will take time and there’s no telling how drastic those changes will be. To that end, it’s an exercise in silliness to ascribe any differences in this week’s show to behind-the-scenes machinations.

Having said that, there were a couple instances of on-screen talent making reference to McMahon’s exit, two coming at the top of the show. First, Paul Heyman yelled at a sound guy when his microphone didn’t work right and said he would be “the next guy out the door.” Later, Roman Reigns stared down Theory and told him flat out “your daddy’s not here anymore.”

That got a big pop.

Leave it to the best on the show to find a way to use real life in an entertaining way in storyline.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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