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Reports indicate Kevin Dunn is likely on his way out of WWE

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Outside of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the person wrestling fans on the internet complain about the most is probably Kevin Dunn.

Dunn’s father worked with Vince’s father, and Kevin was hired by the younger McMahon shortly after he purchased the then-WWF from Vince Sr (as he was known). Over the last 38 yeaars, his role has grown from Associate Producer to Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution. Dunn is known to be one of the most loyal & trusted members of VKM’s team. Unlike his now-former boss, he’s generally not spoken of favorably by former employees — or current ones talking to the media anonymously.

Without McMahon around, it sounds like that reputation will cost Dunn. Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics told Busted Open that he’s “heard from many people” new co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and Dunn “don’t like each other.” Wade Keller of PWTorch noted that Dunn isn’t a “Triple H guy”, which would be an issue with Haitch now running creative.

A change doesn’t seem imminent. Keller thinks Dunn will be out around “a year from now.” Members of the roster seem to have the same idea, with those who spoke to Fightful Select saying they think Dunn will leave or be forced out now that Vince is gone.

So while it’s probably best not to expect any changes overnight, and it’s worth remembering that everything about WWE’s management — and maybe even ownership — is up in the air to some extent after McMahon’s exit due to scandal, Raw and SmackDown could look a lot different in the not too distant future.


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