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Brock Lesnar walks back into SmackDown

After news broke that Vince McMahon had retired, reports quickly followed that Brock Lesnar responded to that news by getting good and pissed off enough about it to walk out of Friday Night SmackDown, where he was planned to appear in Boston. This led to the company apparently trying to put together a backup plan for SummerSlam while still trying to get “The Beast” to reconsider.

He did just that.

Despite reports that a script was written up that didn’t include him just before showtime, Lesnar walked right back into SmackDown following the conclusion of the main event. Theory, the Money in the Bank contract holder, was in the middle of the ring when that familiar riff hit the speakers and the commentary team had this to say:

Pat McAfee: “I thought...”

Michael Cole: “I did too!”

It seemed to be a clever way to acknowledge that something was amiss without outright admitting that there was turmoil. Of course, there will undoubtedly be speculation from fans that it was all a big work, but business is business and Brock is a businessman before anything else.

And he’s still in the game after all, folks.

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