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Here’s the letter Vince McMahon sent to WWE wrestlers announcing his retirement

As noted in the news of Vince McMahon announcing his retirement via social media, he also sent a letter to the wrestlers on the WWE roster revealing as much to them. Now, thanks to an insider on reddit’s r/SquaredCircle (and later confirmed by the Wrestling Observer), that letter can be read in full:

To all WWE Superstars: as I approach 77 years old (OMG am I really that old?), I feel it’s time for me to retire. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing my passion, wisdom, and love of the business with you. No longer will you see the smiling, docile, level-headed, calm presence at Gorilla every week.

Your dedication to WWE will ensure that our company will continue to grow and prosper. Our organization is nothing without you. You are WWE’s only natural resource, chosen to perform in front of a global audience.

You are all WWE Global Ambassadors. Carry the WWE flag wherever you go. Wave it high and proud. And bust your ass to be all you can be as a person and as a performer.

One other thing-I won’t be with you, but I’ll be watching. Remember to keep your hands up, grab a hold, and sell. Btw, SmackDown airs live tonight at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central on FOX.


The “OMG” in this letter reminds me of Vince’s past texts in his business dealings. It’s interesting that McMahon informs the roster he’ll be watching them from a distance, and even plugs the start time of tonight’s episode of SmackDown.

What stands out to you about Vince’s retirement letter to the WWE roster, Cagesiders?

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