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What Triple H’s return reportedly means for John Laurinaitis, WWE’s developmental strategy

Earlier today (July 22), WWE officially told the world that Paul “Triple H” Levesque is back to work for the company. In the process, they tweaked his job title from Executive Vice-President, Global Talent Strategy & Development to EVP of Talent Relations.

Based on that, the wrestling world made some assumptions and asked some questions about a number of things. A report from Fightful Select addresses many of those.

  • The move is being seen backstage as confirmation the John Laurinaitis is once again done with the company. It’s been believed the two-time talent relations exec would be the “fall guy” in the Vince McMahon hush money scandal.

  • Bruce Prichard, another Vince lieutenant who’d been running talent relations in addition to his other duties since Laurinaitis was placed on leave after the NDA/sexual misconduct story broke, is back to focusing on creative. While there was concern about having him in the role, it seems his time in it went well.

  • Talent are happy to have Trips back in the Talent Relations job, with one star questioning why he was ever moved out of the position (before he had the Global Talent Strategy & Development title, he was EVP of Talent, Live Events, and Creative). He’s seen as approachable, relatable, and not one to give “we’ll see” answers.

  • Speaking of NXT, Levesque isn’t expected to have responsibilities on the show either, so the only potential change there is that he’ll be overseeing who gets signed to developmental.

Pretty much what we expected, but interesting nonetheless. Thoughts?

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