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Bray Wyatt stirs the pot with Vince McMahon quote

Wrestling fans are endlessly fascinated and/or frustrated with Bray Wyatt. Or Windham Rotunda, or Windham6, or Wyatt 6, or “large red circle”.

For some, that’s because he’s seen as the prime example of WWE’s inability to take advantage of a hot act, and commit to telling a consistent story with its own internal logic. For others, he’s a cautionary tale about performers with too much creative input.

For everyone, it’s because he knows how to keep his name in the greater conversation with a well-timed tweet that seems like it’s saying something but usually isn’t.

Guess what? As we approach the one year anniversary of his release, with SummerSlam right around the corner and some fans trying to convince themselves he might return with Edge or something, Bray’s back with some cryptic social media work!

He tweeted for the first time in a while, with a Bible verse and some hardcore gothic art...

... but that really just called attention to the fact he added a quote from WWE head honcho Vincent Kennedy McMahon to his bio:

“Begin again kid, it’s what you do”. -VKM

Interpret or lament as you see fit, Cagesiders.

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