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Vince McMahon changes his mind about Veer Mahaan

Veer Mahaan was coming for nearly six months before he finally arrived on Raw in April. He received the typical Vince McMahon monster push, squashing lower card babyfaces in short matches and not saying much on the microphone.

WWE appeared to be building towards a big match between Veer and Rey Mysterio. Veer did beat him in June, but it was presented as a throwaway nothing match on Raw with zero weight to it. It did nothing to help Veer’s position on Raw, despite Rey’s legendary status. Veer disappeared from relevance in the weeks that followed.

I definitely raised my eyebrows when Veer appeared at WWE’s July 4 party and was involved in a comedy moment where Mustafa Ali stole his food. This struck me as a strange thing to do with a guy receiving a monster push.

Things got even stranger this week (July 18) on Raw when Veer interrupted interviewer Sarah Schreiber backstage to say “Boo!” at her and leave the scene. What the hell?

In a new interview with The Daily Star, Veer confirmed that we are going to see a new side of him on Raw going forward:

“The world hasn’t seen my other side yet. Yes, we’re trying to show the world that Veer Mahaan isn’t just a scary guy that walks around in the ring.

We’re trying to show our audience that Veer Mahaan is not just a beast and an angry man, he has other sides.”

Oh, this guy is screwed if Vince McMahon has already turned him into a comedy act.

Veer also admitted there was never a grand plan for his debut on Raw that WWE kept delaying:

“No, there was nothing. It was just like the fans. They were waiting, they didn’t know anything and I didn’t know anything.”

Where do you see Veer’s trajectory in WWE going from here, Cagesiders?

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