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It sounds like Goldberg finally wants to fight Matt Riddle

Goldberg recently said there are no matches left on his current WWE contract, but he’s ready to get back in the ring for his next fight whenever he receives the phone call from Vince McMahon.

WWE’s disgusting relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia means they are planning to return there for another show on November 5. Goldberg often wrestles on those shows, so if WWE is interested in booking him for another match, I think it’s a good bet it will happen on that card.

One potential issue with booking Goldberg’s next match, aside from WWE deciding if it makes financial sense, is that it can be difficult to find the right opponent for Goldberg due to his obvious limitations in the ring. It wasn’t too long ago when Big E stood out as an interesting future opponent for him, but that’s off the table right now since nobody knows if Big E will ever wrestle again due to his broken neck. So who else is there for Goldberg to fight in WWE?

In a recent interview with Graham Matthews for Bleacher Report, Goldberg was asked who he’d like to face next in WWE. Here is the list of names he came up with:

“There are a number of guys out there that would be interesting, for sure. I think [Matt] Riddle and I have had a little bit of a controversial past. I’d love to pop him in the face a couple times. Yeah, Roman [Reigns]. I owe Roman something, for sure. I’d always like to get Brock [Lesnar] again.

But hey man, beggars can’t be choosers. Hey if it happens, it happens. If not, then I just got to deal with it.”

It can’t be ruled out that WWE will book another match between Goldberg and Roman Reigns, but their match earlier this year at the Saudi Arabian Elimination Chamber didn’t exactly whet the appetite for more.

Riddle, on the other hand, is an interesting name for Goldberg to mention considering the Original Bro has been talking trash about him for years. It led to a very awkward backstage confrontation between the two wrestlers where Goldberg made it clear that he isn’t Riddle’s bro.

Riddle has since tried to repair his relationship with Goldberg, and those efforts might finally score him one of his long-awaited dream matches. Perhaps Goldberg realizes there aren’t too many interesting fights remaining for him in WWE, and a match with Riddle is the best way to receive another huge payday from Vince McMahon.

Who do you think Goldberg will wrestle next in WWE, if anyone at all?

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