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Was this a statement on Sasha & Naomi’s walkout?

Cora Jade’s heel turn justification promo on the July 19 NXT has generated a fair amount of conversation on the wrestle web. There’s debate about whether WWE’s made a mistake by making another naturally babyface performer into a villain. There are the usual questions about the quality of Jade’s delivery.

And there’s side-eye about whether Cora throwing the NXT Women’s Tag Team title in the literal trash is a message about or metacommentary on Sasha Banks & Naomi’s walking out of Raw and leaving the WWE Women’s Tag belts behind.

My take on those?

I’m okay with any character development for Cora that ditches the awkward skater gimmick. While not perfect or maybe even great, I thought she did pretty darn well with the biggest mic moment of her young career. And while there’s issues with making a segment of your fanbase root against the company rather than on-screen antagonists, getting people talking is the name of the game, and having Jade bin the belt does that more than anything else she could have done with it at this point in the story. If doing that gets “Sasha and Naomi” trending on Twitter? So be it.

Let us know what you think, and here are the rest of the videos from NXT 2.0 this week:

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