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The Dyad revealed: Grizzled Young Veterans get new names

When the Grizzled Young Veterans disappeared from NXT television, they did so with a cryptic message that we had seen the last of “Drake & Gibson.” When Joe Gacy got a couple of druids to join his cause, we thought we recognized them. But they just kept making us wait for a reveal.

Finally, it has happened.

It was indeed the Grizzled Young Veterans under those hoods but they don’t look like they used to and they won’t be going by the names James Drake and Zack Gibson any longer.

After enacting a ceremony that looked a lot like a baptism in smoke, Gacy revealed Drake is now known as Jagger Reed and Gibson will now be called Rip Fowler. They’re both cleanly shaved and wearing contacts that make it look as though they have Heterochromia Iridum.

The segment closed with Gacy promising that more members will join his group, known as The Schism.

Stay tuned.

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