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Cora Jade throws the NXT women’s tag team championship in the trash

Cora Jade turned on Roxanne Perez in the main event of NXT 2.0 last week, costing her best friend and tag team partner the NXT women’s championship in her match against Mandy Rose. It was a stunning betrayal, especially because the two friends had just recently defeated Toxic Attraction to become tag team champions.

Whatever would they do about that?

We found out this week.

Jade literally threw her championship in the trash:

That’s a nice callback — which came not long after she started her promo with a callback to Hulk Hogan’s infamous heel turn by saying “the first thing you gotta do is shut up if you want to hear what I got to say.” What she had to say was she was sick to her stomach over everyone being so high on her not all that long ago — remember WarGames? — and how Perez, her friend she brought into the fold, came in and just stole all her spotlight.

She’s got a whole new attitude, and she’s going to go get everything she wants. The tag team titles mean nothing to her now.

It was one hell of a promo, all things considered, and it kicks off the next big feud in the women’s division.

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