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More Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens, please

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was fine, and we’ll get to the part why I pass along all the videos from the show so you can peruse all the highlights from the show. But before all that, I need to pass along this clip from Raw Talk just after it.

It’s Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens being incredibly entertaining together talking about what the latter was doing in Colorado:

Right away you’re laughing with the ridiculously silly bit of Lynch shouting for him in one direction and Owens being right next to them the whole time. The way Lynch looks over and says “Oh, hey man” really drives it home.

It’s goofy, but that’s these two.

After, we end up with nearly a minute of them talking about nature and how much Lynch really wants to see a moose. When she says “You’re Canadian … maybe they flock to you” in all seriousness I lost it all over again. I was deeply upset when Sarah Schreiber ended the interview.

More of these two together, please!

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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