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Bloodline member & locker room leader to guest on next Broken Skull Sessions

Even though I enjoy Steve Austin’s hosting and interviewing as much as I do everything else he does in the pro wrestling space, I’ll confess that Broken Skull Sessions has fallen off my “Must See” list. Blame it on there being too much wrestling to keep up with (a subset of the greater too-much-content problem), or guests whose stories I’ve heard several times already.

But not the next episode, no sir. Stone Cold will be sitting down with someone I’ve followed for almost two decades from the independents to NXT to the main roster. A truly interesting human being that everyone — including his friends & himself — says is a pain in the ass backstage. A wrestler who is in the midst of one of the best runs of an amazing career without needing to be a champion or challenger.

That’s right, premiering this Friday (July 22) on WWE Network and Peacock, Stone Cold sits down with someone who went from delivering one of the most entertaining matches of a great WrestleMania by having a series of Jackass stunts done to him, right into achieving “Honorary Uce” status in one of the most entertaining angles on WWE television... all while leading the locker room.

Broken Skull Sessions with Sami Zayn!?!?!?

Hell skanking yeah.

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