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Ric Flair is teasing a Raw star as his opponent for his Last Match

Tonight (July 18) at 6:05pm ET, we’ll find out who Ric Flair is facing for what he says will be his Last Match on Sun., July 31 at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

It was originally rumored the 73 year old Nature Boy would team with FTR against the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express & another wrestler. Ricky Steamboat says he turned down what presumably would have been the job of teaming with the Rock ‘n’ Rollers, and Ricky Morton has since been booked elsewhere on the card in a match with his son Kerry.

Flair’s teased heat with his training partner Jay Lethal, and criticized Chris Jericho’s recent promo on Dynamite in a move that seemed to be teasing him as a potential opponent. Now, ever the salesman, Naitch has grabbed the internet’s attention hours before the reveal by hashtagging WWE’s flagship show in his latest tweet:

WWE lending a star to the show doesn’t seem as outlandish now as it would have a few weeks ago. Flair is now back in the company’s good graces, with a documentary project in the works, and his signature “WOO” back in the Raw opening.

Most of the replies focus on AJ Styles, but some folks are floating other legends affiliated with WWE like Tennessee natives Jerry Lawler or Jeff Jarrett.

We’ll find out in a few hours! Get your guesses in while you the guessing’s good.

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