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Goldberg is ready for his next WWE match

WWE 20th Anniversary Celebration Marking Premiere Of WWE Friday Night SmackDown On FOX Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

We were under the impression Goldberg’s match with Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber was the last on his WWE contract — mostly because that was what he’d been saying.

And that does seem to be the case. But based on his recent interview with The New York Post, fulfilling the number of matches doesn’t mean the contract is done.

“I’m still waiting for that one [call] to happen one of these days. But I suppose you never retire in the wrestling world until you’re dead, so who knows.”

Goldberg admitted he doesn’t know if that call will ever come, but he’s still putting off surgery for his “absolutely destroyed” shoulder in case it does. The 55 year old has been rehabbing the injury, and getting himself in shape for if the phone rings.

“I have worked my ass off day, after day, after day to get to a point where I feel almost normal again. I just kind of needed that break. I needed the mental focus of understanding that surgery wasn’t an option at the time and I needed to put my ass to the grindstone.”

The match in Saudi Arabia with Reigns is the only time Goldberg’s wrestled this year. He did three matches in 2021, and two each in 2020 & 2019.

Do you think WWE will bring him back for one more match?

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