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Brandi Rhodes plans to wrestle again

Brandi Rhodes of TNT series All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite... Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

When Cody Rhodes left AEW back in February, his wife, Brandi, also left the company. However, when he signed with WWE and was immediately given a big push — one that was only just recently halted due to injury — she was not by his side, at least not on television.

She’s got plenty of outside projects she’s been working on, all while raising a baby girl, but she’s still training all the time in preparation for a return to the ring. That’s what she told Muscle & Fitness, where she confirmed she does indeed have plans to make a return:

“I’m still training all of the time. People can connect the dots and make of that what they will. I will tell you; I wouldn’t be training and getting beat up (laughs) just for the hell of it, so obviously I do plan to continue my in-ring career. When and where? That is yet to be seen but I hope when it does happen, everybody is happy and proud.”

She’s worked at WWE before, so it’s at least possible she rejoins her husband there, but even if there’s no interest there it’s a big wrestling world.

Stay tuned.

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