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Seth Rollins loses a lot

It’s a slow news day, yes, a real nice lazy Sunday for all of us to lounge around and enjoy ourselves. Dear reader, I do hope you are enjoying yourself.

Me, I’m out here looking at random tweets and came across this one:

Hey, that’s interesting. All those folks have been putting in a ton of work this year, and all deserve credit for as much. That’s not why we’re here, though. No, we’re here because if you click on into that tweet and look at the first response to it, it notes Seth Rollins has a really bad win/loss record.

So I went to to see if that’s true and this is what that site has listed for his win/loss record for the past three years:

2022: 21-51
2021: 14-39
2020: 21-32

That gives us the following three year total: 56-122

Rollins has been working heel for the entirety of that time, as he was doing his “Monday Night Messiah” gimmick going into 2020 before becoming “The Visionary.” It makes sense that a heel would lose more often than he would win but to this degree? Sheesh.

The previous three years were the opposite:

2019: 115-28
2018: 126-32
2017: 125-22

Three year total: 366-82

That’s a staggering difference.

We’ll see what the rest of 2022 holds but there’s not much reason to think things are going to turn around for Rollins anytime soon.

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