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Just give Drew McIntyre the damn title shot already

I’m not sure WWE has ever been more obvious in its intentions to book a match without coming right out and saying it than in this instance here. Drew McIntyre is absolutely going to challenge for the WWE Universal championship in the main event of the upcoming Clash at the Castle pay-per-view (PPV) on Sat., Sept. 3, 2022, in Cardiff, Wales. He’s featured on one half of the poster.

The other half? Current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Instead of just announcing as much, WWE has embarked upon an extended tease for the match going official. This might have been a good thing, if any part of it was even mildly entertaining. It has not been.

Instead, we’ve been given an outright challenge in a promo that was completely ignored, a Money in the Bank match that was much worse than usual and did McIntyre no favors, and now this weird feud with Sheamus. They’ve spent weeks announcing a singles match between the two for the right to challenge for the title at the big UK show, and they’ve failed to deliver each time.

First, McIntyre beat up BUTCH. Then, he beat up Ridge Holland. Sheamus would seem to be all that’s left but with well over a month until the actual show takes place, there’s no telling what kind of goofy gimmickry WWE will come up with next.

Anything to avoid just coming right out and saying he’s getting the damn title shot when we all already know he’ll be getting it.


Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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