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Sasha Banks’ alleged appearance asking price has wrestling fans losing their minds


After Mercedes Varnado — the artist formerly(?) known as Sasha Banks — was announced for a photo and signing appearance at C2E2, Fightful Select published a report about her asking price for similar convention gigs.

The figure was $30,000. Because the dollar amount is the easiest thing to latch onto, internet “discussion” of the topic has focused on that.

And because too many people on said internet believe themselves to be experts on everything, the “debate” that’s ensued has centered on if $30K is too much or too little for Sasha to be asking.

Never mind that a promoter told Fightful the amount was “exactly as expected” for a non-wrestling appearance given Banks’ popularity, and interest in her after she & Naomi walked out of WWE. Or that another said they’d be “more than happy” to book her at that rate, and knew they’d they’d make that much and more from having her on their show.

Instead, we have some on Twitter arguing that Sasha’s priced herself too high because Scotty 2 Hotty couldn’t make that much. Meanwhile, others are praising The Boss for her kindness because she’s not charging as much as Hollywood stars.

These examples are extremes — not everyone online is a hater or a stan. But folks would do well to apply some common sense to things, even things as trivial as this.

Regardless of your opinion of her, Sasha’s proven to have a good mind for building her brand, and has experienced people on her team like agents, managers, and lawyers. The $30K number wasn’t pulled from a hat. It’s what they’ve determined the market will bear. Early indications are they’re right.

But arguing on the bird app is apparently more fun than reading or thinking, so... welcome to another day on the world wide web.

And go get your money, Boss. As someone who definitely gets more than $30K per appearance once sang, “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”

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