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Cody Rhodes even bled excessively during surgery

Like his old man, Cody Rhodes likes to wear the proverbial crimson mask in his matches.

Planned or “hard way”, blood was a common theme in his AEW matches from the start. When he showed up at Hell in a Cell with a gigantic bruise on his torso from a torn pectoral muscle, fans joked Cody has finally found a way around WWE’s rules against wrestlers bleeding on screen. Yesterday’s news about Raw possibly moving from a PG to TV-14 rating brought similar comments about Rhodes sharpening up his razor blade collection in anticipation of the change.

During an appearance on Busted Open today (July 15), the American Nightmare revealed he even got more color than doctors expected during surgery to repair his pec:

“I don’t think people know, I almost hemorrhaged in the surgery because there was so much blood. People have seen the picture of it in the match, per se, so it was pretty gnarly.”

Jokes aside, Rhodes confirmed the surgery was a success. But he says his medical team won’t give him a return date to shoot for:

“I was told last time I was there for my big check-up after PT [physical therapy], they are not going to give me a timeline just yet for when I’m going to be back because they’re afraid if they give me that timeline, I’m going to try and jump it by maybe a month or two.”

Whenever he returns, we’ll be able to watch the process on Peacock/WWE Network. Cody also confirmed reports the company’s been filming a documentary on him, but it wasn’t always about his comeback from the torn pec. Or as Rhodes likes to say, his “titty”:

“Since WrestleMania, WWE has been doing a documentary on me potentially for Peacock. I’m positive somebody’s about to text me and be like, ‘Oh, don’t tell them.’ But either way, they’ve been doing this documentary and then my titty exploded and the documentary changed greatly.”

Never change, Codester.

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