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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (July 15, 2022): Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (July 15, 2022) with a live show emanating from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Nashville, Tennessee.

Advertised for tonight: SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan goes one-on-one with Natalya in a Championship Contender’s Match, Madcap Moss has a singles match with Theory and has threatened to stuff the Money in the Bank briefcase down his throat, Lacey Evans is now a heel, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on FOX. It will be below this line here. (Note: Going forward, there will be no ban on GIFs or images in the live blog threads. Feel free to post as you wish.)


It’s so easy but nothing seems to please me. It all fits so right when I fade into the night and I liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Michael Cole in the ring.

He welcomes Pat McAfee back and he gets a big entrance.

Pat gets on the mic and greets us before apologizing for being out last week and making us listen to Corey Graves for two hours and that bumass Corbin for seventeen minutes. He replays Happy Corbin’s attack that put him out and says that it turns out his neck wasn’t broken, just bruised, so he’s out here to let us know he knew Corbin long before we did.

They were roommates as rookies with the Indianapolis Colts, and he had hair, a bad body, and one bad tattoo and he was willing to grind to get it done, but as soon as he stepped foot in WWE he became an insufferable douchebag who’d do anything for a dollar.

So at SummerSlam, he’ll beat the hell out of Happy and humble him back to being a good member of society.

Corbin appears on the tron and says he’s a fighter and Pat just runs his mouth and used to punt footballs. He’d love to come kick his ass right now but he’s caught something nasty and he’s got a rash all over his forearm. So for now he’s staying far away, but he’ll see McAfee at SummerSlam.

Pat says it’s not monkeypox, it’s just Corbin is allergic to being great.

Commentary hypes up the show and we go to break.

Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

Natalya backing her into the corner, a flurry of palm strikes, Morgan comes back with wild punches, grounding her with a side headlock, back on their feet, Nattie with a wicked slap, off the ropes, jockeying for position, huge dropkick from Liv sends Neidhart to the apron, cover for two!

A victory roll pin for two, another hard dropkick, whip to the corner, slingshot atomic drop into the running stomp but Morgan dodges the basement dropkick. Trading nearfalls, to the apron, front kick with Nattie in the ropes, she’s looking for the Sharpshooter but ends up settling for a catapult into the ringpost as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Morgan is in her comeback, fireman’s carry into a pin, block the discus lariat, inverted surfboard stomp into a backsplash, Natalya catches her and lands a release German suplex, cover... NOPE! Up top, jockeying for position, Liv trips Neidhart face-first into the turnbuckle, Liger Bomb... MORGAN KICKS OUT!

Ankle lock from Nattie, Morgan slings her face-first into the post, the inverted Codebreaker sets it up...

Liv Morgan wins by pinfall with Oblivion.

Post-match, Liv is interviewed.

She says you can call her what you want, but she’s still your SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Austin Theory is interviewed.

He quotes Uncle Ben about power and responsibility and runs down everybody he has to worry about as Mr. Money in the Bank.

Paul Heyman rolls up and asks for a moment with Theory.

He tries to sell him on cashing in on Roman Reigns being a bad idea and how much better a scheduled title match on pay-per-view would be. Austin makes an overture about maybe signing Heyman to be his own special counsel and walks off.

New Day come out doing the Viking Raiders’ intro and dressed like vikings, and we go to break on the promise of the New Raid.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up the reveal of the special guest referee for the SmackDown tag title match at SummerSlam.

New Day breath heavy in the ring before introducing themselves as Erik the Gross and Ivar the Ugly. Nope, just kidding, it’s your boys the New Day, and it feels like a millennia since they sailed the seven seas. Kofi Kingston stops Xavier Woods because he sounds like a pirate and not a viking.

Woods apologizes for his accent slipping and corrects. Kingston does a more Swedish accent and Xavier says they’ve played a lot of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and watched all of the Thor movies, but they’ve resorted to underhanded tactics like shoddy facepaint.

The real Viking Raiders make their entrance.

They say New Day will be mangled and broken after they’re done, and Woods asks if those are the only words they know. Kofi suggests disgusting, detestable, deplorable, and Xavier calls them ugly.

Jinder Mahal and Shanky run in and attack the vikings, and New Day dive off the top and take them out!

Imperium are interviewed backstage.

GUNTHER explains that he beat Ludwig up last week because losing is unacceptable and has consequences. Kaiser apologizes and GUNTHER makes him unzip his jacket so he can chop him, and yells at him in German.

Aliyah makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a Lacey Evans video package.

Lacey gets on the mic and says she may not be better than anyone in this arena, but we’re damn sure not better than her. She talks about serving her country and putting her life on the line. She’s disgusted at the lack of appreciation from us, and she’s everything we wish we could be (nah lady your old housewife gimmick is closer to that for me, but also frankly I’m there already and I love being me) and we hate her for it.

She tries apologizing to anyone she’s offended and just gets more boos for her trouble. She walks out, no match.

We get a recap of last week’s main event.

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance for a do-over and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Sheamus once again baits and switches, and it’s Ridge Holland in the match.

Pete Dunne gets the ring bell and the timekeeper’s hammer and sets us off.

Drew McIntyre vs. Ridge Holland

McIntyre hard out the gates, Holland hits his Emerald Flowsion but Drew kicks out! Grinding him down with a reverse chinlock, McIntyre to his feet, trading chops with Ridge and dropping him with big lariats! Drew gets him up, White Noise! Counting down...

Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with the Claymore.

Austin Theory makes his entrance and we go to break.

We get a recap of Brock Lesnar’s appearance on Raw this week.

Madcap Moss is interviewed in Gorilla.

He says he’s going to try and flatten Austin Theory’s head like a pancake, and Paul Heyman again interrupts for a personal chat.

Heyman says that Moss knows that he’s responsible for the biggest break in his career and that what Theory has in mind about cashing in doesn’t make a lot of business sense. He says he knows Madcap put Happy Corbin on the shelf for weeks and if he does the same for Austin, well maybe Paul goes to Roman Reigns and gets him a title match.

Moss says it sounds like Heyman is real worried about Theory cashing in and goes to make his entrance and send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a video package for Max Dupri’s Maximum Male Models and we’re promised a beachwear collection and Max’s sister Maxxine next week.

Austin Theory vs. Madcap Moss

Collar and elbow, Moss backs him into the corner and breaks clean at referee Jason Ayers’ behest. Theory backs him into the corner in return and flexes, Madcap rushes in with a waistlock takedown, another one, Austin with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, Moss with a fireman’s carry into a fallaway slam.

Brawling into the corner, Madcap smashing his face into the turnbuckles, a lariat sends Austin to the floor and the brawl goes there. Theory puts him into the steel steps and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Theory is in control, grinding a reverse chinlock in, Moss gets away and destroys him with a pounce! Madcap slow to recover but he starts throwing Austin around, shoulder blocks, elbow, HUGE spinebuster from Moss... NOPE! Theory back into it, slam for two!

Action to the floor, Theory whacks him with the briefcase...

Madcap Moss wins by disqualification.

Austin gets on the mic and says no one cares about a DQ win and he’s still Mr. Money in the Bank and he’s going to be the next Universal Champion.

Sami Zayn comes out, arm in a sling.

He tells Austin he’s disrespecting Roman Reigns, and disrespecting the Bloodline comes with consequences. So, as the honorary Uce, he’s strongly recommending that Theory apologize right now. Austin asks what he’s gonna do with one arm, and—

Enter the Usos.

Moss takes advantage of the distraction and puts Theory face-first into the post before throwing him out over the barricade like a sack of garbage!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we’re informed that Brock Lesnar will be back next week.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Jimmy Uso

Sami Zayn is on commentary for this one.

Collar and elbow, Dawkins into the corner, clean break, duck a lariat, World’s Strongest Slam, action to the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Angelo all fired up, Drill Bit connects... NOPE! Back and forth, Jimmy accidentally blasts Charles Robinson, Dawkins gets about a seven count on a schoolboy but Robinson is OUT! Superkick, Charles is still out, Sky High, he’s coming to...

Angelo Dawkins wins by pinfall with the Sky High.

Post-match, commentary talks about Uso’s shoulder being up and we get a replay that shows that his shoulder is clearly up.

Adam Pearce makes his entrance and gets on the mic to defuse things.

He says he understands that as an athlete nothing is worse than losing to a questionable call, which is exactly why they need a special guest referee and he’s got the perfect man for the job...


The tag teams brawl in the ring, referees trying and failing to pull them apart.

That’s the show, folks.

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