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Mercedes Varnado (Sasha Banks) announced for first appearance since WWE walk out

Signs point to Sasha Banks & Naomi’s final WWE match having been Sun., May 15 at a house show in Roanoke, Virginia. As you no doubt recall, the duo walked out of Raw the next night after a creative dispute, leaving their Women’s Tag titles behind.

We won’t know for sure until there is an official confirmation from either the company or their camps. But there’s been little to dispel reports over the past month that the pair have been removed from internal rosters while their releases are negotiated.

Now we can add this to the evidence pile... an August photo & autography booking for Mercedes Varnado, Sasha’s real name. The tweet from C2E2 (the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) announcing it and the ticket page it links to mentions The Boss as a character Varnado played, alongside her role on season two of Disney+’s The Mandalorian. It’s pretty clearly not an appearance by WWE Superstar™ Sasha Banks.

Could a release announcement be forthcoming? Or is this just a one-off covered by WWE’s updated policy on third party revenue while talks continue?

We shall see.

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