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Great Khali issues statement after being accused of slapping a toll worker

WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali finds himself in a bit of controversy, after a video of altercation with a toll worker in Ludhiana, Punjab, India earlier this week went viral. The story was then picked up by The Tribune of India.

The toll plaza attendees claim Khali slapped one of them, but if that happened, it wasn’t caught on video. At one point, the seven foot former WWE champion briefly grabs one worker’s arm before moving a barricade in front of the vehicle he was traveling in, but no slap can be seen.

Here’s The Tribune’s translation of the exchange:

“You were asked to show your ID card, show the ID card,” the toll employee tells Khali to which he replies, “You are blackmailing me”. The employee then says, “We are not blackmailing you. Why did you slap him? Show the ID card if you have it.”

“I do not have an ID card,” Khali said.

Khali posted an Instagram denying the allegation, and claiming the toll workers were demanding selfies in exchange for letting he & his party through:

Police say no one has filed a complaint about the incident, so hopefully this remains just a weird internet anecdote.

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