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Actual Miz merch you can buy on WWE Shop dot com

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As they will from time to time on WWE television, there’s been a lot of talk of “balls” lately.

Unlike things like baseball or basketball, pro wrestling/sports entertainment is not an activity that routinely uses round objects. So when this comes up on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, etc. it’s to discuss testicles*. Folks who don’t have those particular pieces of anatomy use it too, to refer to the fortitude having “balls” is meant to convey. Because “guts” just doesn’t get the point across for the folks in Stamford. But I digress...

This time around, the focus has been on The Miz’s balls. AJ Styles thinks they’re small. Miz, with help from his lovely wife Maryse, insists they are not. I’m not entirely clear where The A-Lister’s new henchman Tommaso Ciampa or his likely SummerSlam opponent Logan Paul fits in all this. But I do know this is merch you can buy on

If anyone wants to tell you that the actual size of a person’s testicles doesn’t determine their courage or stick-to-it-iveness? The back of the shirt has you covered.

There you have it. If you ever wanted to rep the size of your own and/or Miz’s balls, there’s now a shirt for that.

* Except for that time they named a whole event after an old Jerry Lee Lewis song, but trust and believe, nut jokes were a big part of the build to 2017’s Great Balls of Fire. At least on the interwebs.

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