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Let’s read too much into Naomi’s recent social media activity

Most of the speculation about the future of Sasha Banks & Naomi after they walked out of Raw back in May has focused on The Boss. Which does make sense. Banks’ resume, inside and outside of WWE is a little gaudier... and she has arguably the most dedicated online fanbase of any wrestler in the world.

But don’t sleep on Trinity Fatu. Naomi’s persisted through a long WWE career, standing out in things ranging from reality shows to wrestling when given the opportunity. She’s got a considerable social media fandom, too.

Jimmy Uso’s real-life partner has sent some signals to those fans over the last few days. They would seem to confirm what we’re hearing — that Naomi & Sasha are in the process of being released by WWE.

The first was in an Instagram Story she posted Saturday (July 9). Similar to the TikTok she tweeted last month, it’s life skills coaching/motivational messaging she shared from another account. This time is was from Instagram account @black.successes:

The moment you put a stop to people taking advantage of you and disrespecting you, is when they define you as difficult, selfish or crazy. Manipulators hate boundaries.

You don’t need me to tell you how that could apply to her (former?) employer, but it could be about anyone. There are a lot of manipulators in this world. There was even an early rumor in this saga that claimed Sasha was manipulating Naomi.

But if that’s at all being referenced here, it doesn’t seem to be changing Fatu’s plan to leave WWE. She tweeted with her definitely former co-worker Lince Dorado today. It’s probably a sign she doesn’t plan on walking away from the ring. And if she’s going to do “some lucha things” with Lince, it will almost certainly be outside of WWE, so...

If you’re reading that one about Trinity’s WWE status, it probably indicates that she’s in a non-compete period (the standard 90 days or something else they negotiated? Who knows!), or that details of a release are still being worked out.

Join us in overthinking things in the comments below. It’s what Al Gore invented the internet for.

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