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Good Brothers reference Undertaker’s Boneyard while invading Briscoes’ farm

The Good Brothers were back to their wily antics on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows took it upon themselves to pay a visit to the Briscoes’ chicken farm in Sandy Fork, DE. Chaos ensued, and fisticuffs erupted.

When Anderson and Gallows arrived, no Briscoes were to be found, except what I assume is a Briscoe child. They played with a tractor referencing the Undertaker’s Boneyard match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. Anderson recalled, “Remember Uncle Allen driving a tractor in the old graveyard, or whatever it was, boneyard?” Gallows rose from behind to mimic the Undertaker, “You will feed my chickens.”

Once the Good Brothers were bored with play time, they developed a thirst for Briscoe family hooch. They asked a farm hand for refreshments, and it turned out to be Papa Briscoe. When threats were made about Dem Boys, the focus was beating up the good father in their absence.

Papa Briscoe wasn’t having it. As he tightened his belt, Mark and Jay drove in on a truck to brawl.

The Good Brothers got the upper hand, so Papa Briscoe stepped in with a wrench. Mark revived with a scream of fury wielding sharp farm utensils. The Good Brothers retreated.

Nothing like a bit of goofy fun to sell the Briscoes defending the Impact titles against the Good Brothers in tag team action at Slammiversary on June 19. Tag team action!

What was your favorite moment of the Good Brothers visiting the Briscoes’ farm? Did that chicanery hype you up for Slammiversary?

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