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X-Pac isn’t here for Mayor Kane’s idiocy on gun violence

Gun violence is clearly a big problem in the United States of America, and this has been the case for a long time. A recent series of mass shootings, including the horrific tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has put this topic front and center once again.

Nothing significant ever happens to address gun reform in the USA, even when innocent little children have their heads blown off, because the American political system is largely broken; politicians are often rewarded for spewing bullshit and fighting the other side no matter what, even if that means denying reality and making problems worse.

Mayor Glenn Jacobs, who you might know better as former WWE wrestler Kane, is one such purveyor of harmful and misleading bullshit. And he was at it again this week, deciding that now is a good time to downplay the problem of gun violence in the country and instead attack the media.

X-Pac isn’t here for that nonsense, and he let Kane know about it:

Mick Foley echoed a similar sentiment:

Lance Storm raises a good question in response to Kane’s idiocy:

Gun violence in the USA extends far beyond just mass shootings, of course, and so many Americans have had their lives affected by this lingering problem. Kane deserves every bit of negative feedback he gets for playing politics, disregarding human life, and pretending that things are fine in the face of an obvious crisis that is out of control and needs to be addressed.

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