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Joe Gacy’s minions get a name, a date for possible reveal

It was roughly one month ago that folks started catching on to the idea that the minions who have been running around with Joe Gacy may actually be the artists formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake and Zack Gibson. The two were fed up with losing and declared we wouldn’t see them again in NXT just a few weeks before then.

Well, it appears we may find out next week, as Gacy revealed they have a new name — The Dyad — and they’ll be wrestling next week:

One would think they aren’t going to wrestle fully cloaked in those robes, so we’re almost certainly going to get to see them to determine if it is indeed Drake & Gibson, presumably with new names. Gacy certainly made it sound like them:

“Recognizing you can’t get through this life all alone is not a weakness but a strength. There are people in this world that need guidance. You two were prime examples. You realized you were not fulfilled, so you cleared your minds and opened your hearts to me. We’ve made great strides. There are people that don’t understand. We are shaping the world by maximizing our exposure on the platform we have each and every week. Our message is far more important than any worldly possessions or symbols. But now we can focus on your progression. Forget what you’ve been called. You are The Dyad, and you will continue to be an extension of me, starting next week when you compete in the ring for the very first time.”

We’ll find out next week!

Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT 2.0 this week:

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