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Kurt Angle describes ‘brutal’ rehab after double knee replacement

‘I’ve never went through anything this difficult.’

Before Memorial Day, Kurt Angle shared that he’d successfully undergone surgery to replace both his knees.

That was the easy part. On a recent edition of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, our Olympic Hero updated us on his recovery. He says it’s one of the hardest things he’s ever done, and considering he won a gold medal with a broken freaking neck and overcame addiction, that’s saying something:

“A week later, I’m not doing much better. It’s pretty brutal, especially when you have both knees done at the same time. I’ve never went through anything this difficult. I also have a little bit of a back problem, so I can’t use my legs but I can’t use my back. So, I’m pretty much useless. When I did the surgery, what they found out is they found a screw in my left knee, just hanging out in my knee socket. It’s pretty incredible. It must have been from my surgery 10 years ago – the ACL surgery I had on my left knee – and the screw popped loose and was just hanging out in my knee socket.”

All of that sounds pretty gnarly. But Angle is putting in the work, and positive it will all be worth it:

“I started rehab the next day. They’re on you. They stay on you and want you to work through it. The more you do without injuring yourself, the quicker you’ll heal. They’ve had me do a lot of rehab ever since I got out of the hospital. I go to a rehab facility three days a week over near my house and then the other four days, I do five different sessions of rehab on my own. It’s a long process, but hopefully, it will work out. It should and I’m very positive about this.”

Get well soon, Kurt.

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