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Some bad signs for Mustafa Ali’s ‘push’

Mustafa Ali returned to WWE television in April, three-and-a-half months after requesting his release from the company. He immediately entered into a United States title program with Theory.

That seemed good!

At Hell in a Cell on Sunday night (June 5), with a hometown crowd on his side at the Allstate Arena, Ali was beaten clean.

That didn’t seem good!

On the fallout episode of Raw, there was no sign the former RETRIBUTION leader. Theory was there, and seemed to set up his next program with Bobby Lashley*. What was Ali up to?

That seems even worse.

If there’s a silver lining (SPOILERS for the June 10 Main Event coming up), it’s that Ali did beat T-BAR at last night’s taping. Other than that, I got nothing.

At least there’s only another two+ years left on Ali’s WWE contract.

* Lashley beat Omos & MVP in a handicap match on Sunday night, and that he’s moving into a title feud while they seem to be starting a program with Dirty Dawgs probably isn’t great news for Omos, either.

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