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WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 results: Injured Cody Rhodes defeats Seth Rollins

In the hours leading up to tonight’s (Sun., June 5, 2022) WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) at the Allstate Arena just outside Chicago, Illinois, word broke that Cody Rhodes had suffered an injury while training. WWE confirmed it after a time, claiming he was initially injured by Seth Rollins, his scheduled opponent on the show, during Monday Night Raw this past week. Then, while lifting weights, he tore his pectoral muscle off the bone.

Have a look:

Despite this, he worked the match, presumably because he couldn’t make it any worse and they had a main event to get through. “For love of the game,” as he tweeted shortly before going out and doing the damn thing.

Rollins, for what it’s worth, came into the match wearing yellow polka dots on his gear, a throwback to Dusty Rhodes’ time in WWE in the early 90s and an easy way to get at Cody.

The match was shockingly good, considering the circumstances.

Rhodes was obviously limited but not as much as you might think. He just had change things around a bit while Rollins did a bit more heavy lifting:

Cody grabbed a bullrope and they worked that into the match, another fun throwback that one might think would help keep it grounded and require less of Rhodes. After all, you wouldn’t want him getting too crazy with his injury, right?

About that...

Love of the game indeed.

Rhodes hit a Pedigree that had the crowd going insane but only got a two count. A sledgehammer came into the picture — and it was too much not to think that Triple H’s sons were fighting each other — but then Rollins hit the Stomp and it looked to be over and that also only got a two count.

Rollins hit a Cross Rhodes, then Cody countered right after into one of his own. Then he got up and hit two more in a row, only stopping the third to grab the sledgehammer and ram it right home. Then he pinned Rollins in the middle of the ring.

Despite it all, Rhodes wins again.

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