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Bron Breakker beats up Joe Gacy, retains NXT title at In Your House

For some time now, Bron Breakker, and NXT fans more generally, have been forced to deal with Joe Gacy playing mind games with him in his quest to get to the NXT championship. He’s used a couple minions, some backstage trickery, and other assorted nonsense to accomplish that.

The end result? Breakker agreed to a title match that included a stipulation which would lead to his losing the title if he is disqualified. The idea, of course, is Gacy has been pushing all his buttons for so long that Bron would lose it on him during the match and that would lead to a title change.

The match, then, was all about Gacy trying to get Breakker to, ahem, break.

Bron, came close a few times, but got some damn good offense in without going too far, like this:


In the end, Breakker only ended up using a chair on the minions, which he did not get disqualified for. Gacy tried to take advantage but ended up speared and power slammed and ultimately pinned in the center of the ring.

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