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Naomi confirms John Cena’s impact on the WWE locker room

WWE’s Twitter

Anything WWE-related from Trinity “Naomi” Fatu is of note. We’ve heard next to nothing about her status since the company suspended her and Sasha Banks (who’s been completely silent while “is she or isn’t she released” rumors and reports about her swirl) for walking out of Raw last month.

Naomi’s tweet yesterday (June 28) didn’t tell us much about where things stand between her and WWE. But in replying to a John Cena tweet thanking everyone their kind words during the celebration of his 20th anniversary with WWE, Naomi did confirm another rumor from this week — the one that said Cena’s positive influence is felt throughout the company whenever he’s around.

It’s been a bumpy few months for Team WWE, so given that it’s true he’s an uplifting presence behind the scenes, it must have been great having him back in the fold for a night.

And maybe longer, if a Theory feud really is in the cards for SummerSlam. And maybe Naomi could even be back by the next time Cena shows up?

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