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NXT recap & reactions (June 28, 2022): Hustle, loyalty, & disrespect

Cameron Grimes has a point and that makes him very dangerous. Plus, Nikkita Lyons challenges Mandy Rose!

Hey, hey hey like Fat Albert! It’s Tuesday night and NXT 2.0 is in your world. The Great American Bash is next week, so this is the warmup. Claire is on the 1s and 2s while I’m your MC this evening.

Let’s talk NXT!


Cameron Grimes gets knocked down, but he gets up again. You’re never going to keep him down.

Bron Breakker hopes for a different outcome than that ‘90s song. He faces Grimes at The Great American Bash at less than 100 percent because, well, we’ll get to the because. But first let’s talk about their verbal sparring session.

Grimes said some real sh*t: If Bron loses the title, he just goes to Raw or SmackDown. In fact, he might show up at SummerSlam. NXT is a pitstop for him but the future is less assured for Cameron. This is all he has; there is no backup plan for him. But this was Bron’s backup plan. While he didn’t make it in the NFL, his lineage always made this a logical “break glass in case of emergency” option.

Grimes is 100 percent right. The question is if Bron gets called to the main roster, but when. They’re already prepping him for a larger role in the company. He’s wrestling royalty with a yellow brick road lighting his path along the way. With that in mind, Grimes does want the championship more than Bron because he truly needs that title. He needs the validation and he needs it to secure some semblance of a future. Bron has bigger fish to fry. Cameron doesn’t even know if he’ll have a small fish to fry, much less something on which to fry the fish.

The reason it worked is because no lies detected or told. Bron thought Grimes was better than this. He thought their match was about respect, not Grimes whining or throwing what he considers cheap shots.

Things took a turn for the violent when Grimes mentioned Bron’s dad one time too many. And by that, I mean he said Bron’s dad doesn’t have any heart. And that’s why Bron has no heart. A fight broke out, because it’s wrestling, and Grimes pushed Bron into the ring turnbuckle not once but twice. That second shove is important because that’s how Bron injured his shoulder.

The medical officials hit the ring and tended to his shoulder while Grimes reveled at the prospect of defeating an injured Bron.

“At 100 percent, maybe I can’t beat you. But you’re not 100 percent.”

The Grimey man told the medics to make sure Bron is okay so he can lose that title next week.

Dope stuff all around. The most interesting and entertaining part of the show and make their championship match must see television.

Queen of the Jungle

Nikkita Lyons has a point: If she doesn’t injure her knee, there’s a good chance Roxanne Perez isn’t where she is right now. Rather than complain about that, she went straight to the NXT Women’s champion and issued a challenge. Mandy Rose, always down to embarrass someone and make a point, accepted.

Mandy can hang with any woman in the division at this point. Mostly because her style is so steeped in the art of heel that everyone else shines as a result. This is all to say Lyons looked good. In fact, she looked like she didn’t miss a beat. Her offense is still the same and her aggression is still high.

Now to the story. Obviously, Nikkita wants that championship. Mandy not only wants to keep it, but wants to remind everyone she is the “Queen of the jungle.” And it’s easy to rule when she has to other lionesses by her side in Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Mandy knows she’s never out any match and if all else fails, cheating is the best option.

Nikkita controlled the action until the rest of Toxic Attraction distracted her. The rookie mistake gave Mandy the opening to test that knee. Mandy grounded Lyons, and even yelled an insult at Lyons. Mandy just doesn’t believe this woman belongs in NXT or anywhere near her. So, to Mandy, the fact Lyons stepped to her is itself an insult.

That gave Nikkita the opening she needed and in the middle of gaining momentum, in came Gigi and Jacy.

Like I said, Mandy is never out of any match.

They commenced the beat down only to turn Swayze when Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez evened the odds.

Not sure how well Lyons plays with others, but for her sake, I hope the answer is “pretty well.”

This was a solid match that sets up a lot of interesting angles going forward.


Pop Rock

Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez are going to The Great American Bash. And not as spectators. They defeated Katana Chance & Kayden Carter in a match I really dug. Chance & Carter flashed some heel tendencies. They were vicious and more physical than usual, clearly believing the tag championship shot was theirs and theirs alone. Jade & Perez survived long enough until their opponents slipped up with one mistake. With Toxic Attraction perched from the Toxic Lounge, Chance & Carter let their focus wander way too often. They weren’t as focused and thats why they’re going home unhappy.

2 Sexy

Poor Ikemen Jiro. The man is lost ever since WWE released Kushida. That aimlessness continues this week with a loss to Giovanni Vinci in a match that wasn’t really much of a match.

No, Boy!

Briggs & Jensen crowed about their new NXT UK Tag championships. They should; they’re champions and champions get to gloat. After saying they’re here for all comers, Pretty Deadly came out with insults in their holsters. Nothing was really funny because it was all stereotypical jokes (country hicks, country accents, etc.) but they want their titles back. They want to represent the UK properly. A fight broke out but a title match is on the horizon.

The segment didn’t do anything for me but I am interested in the end result.

Odds & Ends

Last week, Kiana James picked on Indi Hartwell using math. For that alone, she deserves all the punishment in the world. Unfortunately, Hartwell was not the one to issue said punishment. The two wrestled a sound if uninteresting match. But the last part is due to them not having enough time to truly do anything exciting. James stole the win with her legs on the ropes during a pin attempt. I do love a cheating heel. to

Mine Collapse

Much more interested in the Diamond Mine drama looming over this match than the match itself. Joe Gacy and his Dyad—who still wrestle in robes—picked at the Mine’s wounds. Those issues showed themselves during the end of a six-man tag between Team Crazy Gacy and The Bros. Creed & Roderick Strong. Julius Creed had victory in his sights. Roddy tagged himself in and lost the match for his team.

The Mine doesn’t work without a true mouthpiece. And Strong just doesn’t work as the leader. As a result of the drama, Strong challenged Julius and Brutus to a tag championship match at The Great American Bash. Strong says it’s time they learn a lesson and start following his lead. Yeah, again, he sucks as a leader. Strong & Damon Kemp vs. The Creed Bros.

The sooner we end this the better because it’s run its course.

Big Brawl Bashing

Xyon Quinn lost to Sanga. Unfortunately, the match never captured the fire it had in the beginning. The two men battled before the bell went ding and needed several officials keeping them apart just to start the match. Then it slowed down. Not only did that not make sense, it also killed the momentum.

Later in the night, Xyon stepped to Solo Sikoa and Apollo Crews. Xyon challenged both men. Kind of.

I’m sure Apollo will journal about this so hard tonight.

Boring. That’s the first word that comes to mind. The show started strong and ended even stronger. But everything in between provided no spark. Even the Melo & Trick stuff was a snooze this week. On the somewhat bright side, it’s highly implied Tony D’Angelo tossed Two Dimes over a bridge. He sleeps with the fishes. Word to Troy McClure.

I’m looking forward to The Great American Bash, but the only moment this week worthy of a “go home show” was the last segment.

Grade: C-

That’s my grade and I’m sticking to it.

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