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John Cena’s WWE return included a Theory tease and an emotional promo

John Cena made his much anticipated return to WWE on Monday Night Raw this evening in Texas. The company made an awfully big deal about it, considering it was a celebration of his 20th anniversary working with the promotion. That included his being welcomed by everyone in the building, and multiple backstage bits throughout the show, like linking up with The Street Profits for a motivational bit before meeting Ezekiel for the first time and giving him some damn good advice.

Oh, and about all those teases of a match with Theory:

We got yet another one.

Later, they rolled out the red carpet for his entrance to the ring. That included Vince McMahon himself making yet another television appearance just to introduce him. They weren’t shown together, however.

Take that for what you will.

Cena, for his part, immediately grabbed a microphone and did what he always does — pandered to the fans. I don’t even mean that in a bad way! This is the Cena we’ve long known and sometimes loved, sometimes hated, but always respected for the hard work he put in.

“Thank you, Cena” chants rang out through the arena. He got emotional thanking the fans for teaching him how to be a better professional, a better man, all of it. He made like he was uncertain when he would wrestle again — though he did make clear he’s not done and he’ll be back for not just one more match, but multiple.

He pleaded with the fans to let him know when things are good, and let him know when things are bad, no matter where he is, be it in WWE or elsewhere.

He played to the fans a bit more, fist bumped a few children, threw his gear out to everyone as he made his way to the back, and gave one final “thank you” before disappearing.

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