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Female wrestlers slam male ones for celebrating Roe repeal

Unless you’ve been blissfully off the grid for the last 72 hours, you undoubtedly know the United States Supreme Court issued a decision on Friday morning (June 24) that shook the nation.

Knowing the repeal of Roe vs. Wade had long been a goal of the religious right didn’t make the news that abortion had quickly become illegal in large portions of the country any less of a jolt, or create less anxiety about the continued legality of birth control, same-sex marriage, or generally existing as an LGBTQ person. Even a May leak of the court’s 6-3 decision, made possible by the three staunchly conservative justices Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell secured for Donald Trump during his one-term presidency, didn’t make the official announcement much easier to process.

It was a bombshell that sent an already divided citizenry further apart. Of course, that includes the folks in the business/pastime/art form we blog about here. And also of course, some of those folks tweeted their thoughts.

You can probably predict who some of the loudest celebrations of Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (the case which overturns Roe vs. Wade) came from, and not just because they’re from men who’ll never have an abortion, can afford an unplanned child entering their lives, and could probably figure out a way to keep that from happening if they wanted to, regardless of the law.

Since becoming Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee Glenn “Kane” Jacobs has championed many popular right-wing causes as he’s aligned himself closely with fellow WWE Hall of Famer’s Trump’s MAGA movement.

Like past Mayor Kane takes, this one got quick pushback — specifically from people who’s lives could actually be impacted by Friday’s ruling.

And last but not least...

We also heard from Chad Lail (aka Gunner, fka Jaxson Ryker), who cost himself and his stable-mates a WWE push in 2020 when he publicly supported the former President’s defiant response to social justice protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Lail did A LOT of tweeting and posting about Dobbs, including one where he decided to tag Becky Lynch for her reaction to the decision.

Lynch didn’t let that slide, but she didn’t turn this into a kayfabe Twitter beef either, instead offering a diplomatic, dare I say Christian response to Lail:

And cause we don’t need another guy chiming in, we’ll leave it at that.

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