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Baron Corbin’s predictably bad response to Pat McAfee’s SummerSlam challenge

During this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Pat McAfee hopped on the commentary desk and challenged Bum Ass Baron Corbin to a match at SummerSlam next month in Nashville. He didn’t get an immediate response because Corbin wasn’t even in attendance.

Which meant we got this video a short time later:

“I’m in Kansas City, and you knew that. You’re in Austin in your safe place standing behind your desk, standing on your desk, sitting in your chair, running your mouth. That’s what you do, though. You knew I wasn’t going to be in Austin so you’re flapping your gums and putting my name in your mouth. Well, Pat, let’s see how tough you really are when we’re standing face-to-face, punk.”

What’s so great about this is Corbin acting as though being right in front of McAfee would change any aspect of how Pat Mac acted. It was literally just one week ago that Corbin confronted McAfee in a face-to-face scenario and the WWE color commentator and former NFL star responded by calling him “Bum Ass” and leading the entire crowd in a chant as they laughed Corbin out of the building.

That’s what is so great about him. No matter what, you can feel good about hating ol’ Bum Ass.

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