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Sami Zayn should win the Money in the Bank contract

I went into this a bit in the recap for Friday Night SmackDown this week (you read it, right?) but it’s worth going a little further into in this space, where I come up with something to say about the show before hitting you with a playlist of all the highlights from it.

Here’s that something: give Sami Zayn the damn Money in the Bank contract.

When looking at the current field of contenders scheduled for the men’s ladder match, here’s what we’ve got:

  • Zayn
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Sheamus
  • Seth Rollins
  • Omos

There are two more wrestlers set to join the match but as it stands right now, there is no wrestler within that group who can make a more compelling story out of being the contract holder than Zayn. He laid it all out on SmackDown this week when he made clear that he plans to win not to cash it in on Roman Reigns for a shot at his WWE Universal championship but to make sure no one else has the chance to do the same. In his quest to gain the respect of The Bloodline, as the “honorary Uce,” he is out to repair his reputation by courting favor with the very top star in the industry.

Here’s the thing: this is Sami Zayn we’re talking about! He is absolutely going to mess this up, and spectacularly so. Either he messes it up in the ladder match and fails to win, which is one option, for sure, or he actually screws around and wins the match before falling prey to his own impulses and spectacularly screws it up by trying to cash in at the worst possible time. Or screwing up the cash in itself. Or hatching a long, convoluted plan and then being found out before he can actually execute it.

You get the point.

There are just so many options to choose from, and here’s the best part — Zayn holding the briefcase would almost certainly set up the audience to expect his failure to actually capitalize on it, which would, in turn, give them a way around having to beat Reigns for the title. They can keep this legendary reign alive without sacrificing anyone for it while also dealing with the problem that is this silly briefcase with the contract in it.

Zayn, the otherworldly talent that he is, would make all of this the most entertaining story within all of WWE.

Here’s to hoping they do it.

Anyway, here are all the highlights from SmackDown this week:

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