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Riddle played hockey with an onion ring on The Tonight Show

WWE’s Money in the Bank 2022 is coming up on Saturday, July 2. In an effort to promote the premium live pay-per-view event, WWE sent Matt Riddle to visit The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Riddle’s brief shirtless appearance on last night’s show occurred during an Audience Suggestion Box segment. After kicking off his shoes just like he does in WWE, Riddle played hockey goalie and tried to block NBA draft pick Jalen Williams from shooting an onion ring into his net.

Williams only needed one shot to successfully penetrate Riddle’s defenses:

One of the first things that crossed my mind while watching this comedy bit is that being announced by Fallon as “WWE Superstar Riddle” sounds very awkward in this setting outside of WWE television. It’s just a very unimpressive name to take out on the promotional circuit, but that’s what happens when Vince McMahon’s strange obsession with changing wrestlers’ names spirals out of control.

The second thing that crossed my mind is this should be The Tonight Show starring Conan O’Brien. Yeah, I’m still not over that one. Screw you, Jay Leno and former NBC executives.

Most importantly, though, the final thing that crossed my mind is this kind of silly comedy bit is a perfect fit for Riddle’s personality. Of course he’s playing hockey with onion rings!

Did you laugh at Riddle’s bit on The Tonight Show, Cagesiders?

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