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Rhea Ripley shares some information about her injury

Rhea Ripley was pulled from the Raw Women’s championship match at Money in the Bank this week. WWE said it was because she wouldn’t be medically cleared in time for the July 2 premium live event, but didn’t offer any further detail.

The usual sources weren’t able to dig up anything on it, but plenty of folks wondered if it wasn’t related to the spot that sent Ripley to the dentist after the June 6 Raw. An exchange Rhea had with a fan on Instagram makes it seem like it probably was, and that her teeth weren’t the only things that got knocked around when she inadvertently kneed herself in the face...

“Brain injury” isn’t something you ever want to hear or read, but at least Ripley & WWE are proceeding with an utmost of caution. Missing a few weeks action — even a championship match on an event show — is worth ensuring the 25 year old is free and clear of concussion symptoms.

We’re saying this a lot lately, but... take care and get well soon, Nightmare.

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