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Elias returns, proves once and for all he is not Ezekiel

We were promised Elias would make his return on Monday Night Raw this week to play a concert, something his brother, Ezekiel, seemingly set up. We’ve all been excited to finally get the proof that Kevin Owens is indeed the only one out of his mind and they are not, in fact, the same person.

Sure enough, we got it:

They shot the breeze a bit before Elias went out for the concert as planned. He hardly got into it before Owens showed up to call it big charade, a farce, a facade, a flat out lie. Despite Ezekiel appearing on the Titantron in a clear live shot from backstage while Owens was in the ring with Elias, he continued claiming they’re the same person.

He even took Elias’ guitar and threw the damn thing!

Elias responded with a knee to the head, followed by smashing a guitar over his back. It didn’t have to go that way, but KO just won’t let it go. Even after all this, when interviewed backstage, he said it was all faked and he wants a match next week against Elias, or Ezekiel, or even their younger brother Elrod.

Ezekiel arrived just in time to accept and Owens lost his mind all over again.

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