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WWE reportedly changes their mind about Lacey Evans again

Lacey Evans’ return to WWE sure has been a strange one.

Starting in early April, WWE began to air videos on SmackDown where Lacey Evans detailed her sad life story. It seemed like the idea was to present her as a sympathetic babyface and make it difficult for fans to boo her.

She finally returned to WWE live on the May 6 episode of SmackDown, but there were indications of a heel gimmick when fans were ordered to stand up and show her respect.

For some reason, the videos about Lacey’s sad life story were then recapped on the May 9 episode of Raw. Within 24 hours, it was reported that WWE decided to move her from SmackDown to Raw as a heel.

Evans then began to appear live on Raw. WWE even advertised her first match back in the ring for this past week’s episode (May 30) on Memorial Day, but it never happened.

And now we have the latest swerve in this ongoing story. PW Insider is reporting that WWE has moved Evans back to the SmackDown roster. The decision was made over the last 48 hours.

On the one hand, SmackDown desperately needs someone, anyone, to help out the women’s division on Friday nights now that Sasha Banks and Naomi are indefinitely suspended.

On the other hand, WWE’s inability to figure out what to do with Lacey Evans is hilarious. We’re going on almost two months since WWE started airing her comeback videos, and she’s already made multiple brand switches without wrestling a single match.

What do you make of this story, Cagesiders? Are you looking forward to a potential feud between Ronda Rousey and Lacey Evans over the next couple weeks before WWE moves Lacey back to Raw?

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