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Here’s why AJ Lee plans to never wrestle again

AJ Lee was one of the most popular performers in WWE from around 2012 through 2014. She wrestled her last match on the night after WrestleMania 31 in 2015. Many fans have been hoping for an in-ring return in recent years, particularly now that her husband CM Punk has also returned to professional wrestling. AJ has instead returned in a non-wrestling role with Women of Wrestling. Whenever she is asked about a return to the ring, AJ says don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen, but never say never.

On a new episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, AJ provided a few more details on why she isn’t interested in returning to the ring. She suffered a really scary neck injury in her final year in WWE. Not wrestling is the key to keeping her body feeling great going forward:

“My neck was hurt at the end of my career, but I feel great not trying to wrestle. I’m gonna keep it feeling great by not wrestling. But I did, I hurt my neck really bad the last year. And when it happened in the ring, I thought I was paralyzed, which was the scariest thing ever.”

“And then, I got my feeling back and went to the doctor. It turned out three of my discs were so compacted it’s shutting off a nerve, so my hands just go numb randomly.”

“I had the option to do surgery to alleviate that pain, or do rehab, and I went the rehab route. I was doing rehab and I was still on the road as champion, so I never really gave it that chance to heal.”

“My hands still go numb, but other than that, I was very lucky to not have wrestling surgeries.”

It’s usually wise to avoid absolutes like “always” and “never”, so it’s understandable why AJ Lee hasn’t 100% closed the door on a return to the ring. But it’s also clear from her account why that door is about 99.9% closed and you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for her to wrestle again.

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