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Jeff Hardy explains how WWE slapped him in the face before he walked out

Jeff Hardy’s exit from WWE late last year stemmed from a bizarre incident where he displayed erratic behavior at a house show. Jeff essentially walked out of WWE during a match and was released a few days later. Jeff has since explained his thought process behind the smartest thing he’s ever done. He said despite being very popular with live fans in WWE, there were times he felt like a ghost roaming the walls, questioning his importance to WWE.

In a new interview on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Jeff discussed one specific insulting decision made by WWE creative during his final run there. There was one week on Raw where he was dumped off into the 24/7 title scene. It was perplexing to see Jeff running around with irrelevant jobbers like Jaxson Ryker. Jeff addressed the segment later that week and sounded cool with the whole thing. But that’s not how he really felt about it.

Here are Jeff and his brother Matt explaining to Jericho how it feels to be one of the 24/7 title jobbers:

Jeff: “I feel bad about saying this ‘cause I’m so easy to work with. I’ll do pretty much whatever. But I was pretty crushed that day. I was like, okay this is it. I don’t know why I’m here...they’re really doing this to me. And that’s not an arrogant thing to say. I felt ashamed and like I shouldn’t be doing that. But I did it, and I was like, man what does this mean?”

Matt: “I did one of those too one time...before I left. I was running down a hall chasing someone, R-Truth or somebody...You know how those people are viewed. For them to put you in that category, it’s just like, come on man.”

Jericho said it was a slap in the face, and Jeff agreed:

Jeff: “Yeah for sure. It felt that felt a little degrading for sure.”

Even though the 24/7 title segments can have their moments, it’s hard not see it as a huge step down for wrestlers who previously received a push in WWE.

This week’s (May 30) Raw happened to include Apollo Crews featured in the 24/7 title scene. It’s not that long ago when Crews defeated Big E and won mid-card gold at WrestleMania 37. And now he’s a nobody running around with a group of jobbers. It’s not surprising to hear some of the wrestlers feel insulted when this is what WWE creative has planned for them.

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